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BAMBI Silent Air Compressor Overview 

BAMBI air compressors represent top quality, value for money and the lowest running noises on the market. BAMBI is UK company, manufacturing compressors for over 30 years. BAMBI Compressors last and are renowned for quality and thoughtful design. 

One thing that is more or less accepted in industry is that air compressors can be noisy. In most cases, the noise that an air compressor produces can be tolerated and is balanced out by the useful ness and productivity of the air compressor. However, there are certain industries that are reliant upon air compressors but where excess noise is simply not acceptable; think of the dentist for example; many of the tools a dentist uses are powered by compressed air but the sound of an air compressor rumbling and hissing away in the corner of the surgery in addition to the shrill whine of the dentist’s drill would make the whole experience of a visit even more alarming for the patient than usual.

Fortunately, innovative air compressor manufacturers such as Bambi have used their technical expertise to produce a range of air compressors large and small that claim to be silent in use. OK, so they’re not actually silent, but just how quiet are ‘silent’ air compressors?

Here’s a guide to the noise levels produced by each category of Bambi silent air compressor we sell here at Air Supplies.

Lubricated Silent Air Compressors - Bambi Budget BB
For use in hobby environments. Not to be used in Dental Environments.
The small silent air compressors in Bambi’s budget range emit a maximum noise level of 42 Decibels when in operation – that’s about the same as the hum of a domestic refrigerator.

Lubricated Silent Air Compressors - Bambi Professional MD
To be used in Dental and Medical environments. This range produces better quality air.
Slightly larger and with greater capacities, the most powerful of these professional silent air compressors from Bambi has an operational noise output of 57 Decibels – that’s quieter than the noise level generated by a quiet office.

Oil-Free Ultra Quiet Air Compressors – Bambi Budget HT
Oil Free budget range.
Bambi’s budget oil-free silent compressors really do keep the noise down; despite impressive their power and capacity, operating at a maximum of 59 Decibels there about as loud as the average conversation between two people.

Oil-Free Ultra Quiet Air Compressors – Bambi Professional VT
Oil free, available with dryers. To be used where xero oil is required. Very quiet.
We’re onto the real big guns now: surely Bambi’s high-power, high-capacity Professional VT range of oil-free air compressors must kick up a racket? Nope – the maximum noise they emit in operation measures just 72 Decibels; about the same as your average hair drier (and a bit quieter than a dishwasher).

Oil-Free Silent Air Compressors – Bambi Professional VTS
Same as VT range but with further noise reductions from being houses in a cabinet.
If you thought the noise low levels of Bambi’s Professional VT range was impressive, prepare to be amazed; the biggest and most powerful air compressor in Bambi’s Professional VTS range squeaks rather than roars at an altogether agreeably quiet 54 Decibels – a bit louder than moderate rainfall and a bit quieter than your vacuum cleaner. 

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