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Air compressor maintenance: Are your air filters costing you money?

The air filter in your air compressor plays a crucial role in its efficient operation. Air filters remove water vapour and particles of dust and other matter present in atmospheric air and, in oil-filled air compressors, also remove minute droplets of oil which may be present as a result of the compression process.

A blocked or damaged air filter can reduce the overall efficiency of an air compressor by as much as 3%. That may sound insignificant, but on an industrial scale where a large rotary screw air compressor may be in continuous operation twenty-four hours a day, even a slight reduction in efficiency can amount to an annual loss of hundreds and possibly thousands of pounds per year. For this reason it is important that you fit the correct air filter or filters to your air compressor and check them as part of your regular maintenance schedule to ensure that they are clean, undamaged and operating properly.

Air compressor air filters have a finite lifespan and as time passes they may become increasingly worn and clogged with accumulated dust, oil and debris. Eventually this will cause a drop in air pressure that will worsen until the air filter is replaced. Choosing the a branded, high-quality air filter of the correct specification for your air compressor will provide optimum performance and efficiency and reduce the regularity with which the air filter needs replacing, thus saving you a greater amount of money and inconvenience in the long-term than buying cheaper or unsuitable air filters.

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