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Air compressor review: ABAC B312/60P Belt Drive Air Compressor (3HP 60 Litre 7.9 CFM)

What do you do when you want an air compressor with the power, capacity and performance to handle tasks more demanding than the average domestic air compressor can cope with, but you don’t want to install a dedicated power supply for it? Abac has the perfect solution in its ABAC B312/60P Air Compressor; this air compressor offers the absolute maximum specifications of power and performance that can be operated from a single domestic three-pin mains plug.

Ideal for light commercial and automotive projects and on-site use, the B312/60P belt drive air compressor features the robust build quality and ease of use for which Abac is renowned. But it’s those outstanding specifications that set Abac’s B312/60P belt drive air compressor apart from the crowd: sitting atop a hefty 60 litre capacity air receiver a heavy-duty 3 horsepower motor drives a genuine ABAC pump unit proven for its quality and reliability. This beauty will happily produce up to 230 litres per minute of air at up to 10 bar/145 psi pressure – more than ample to cope with those demanding applications. Not only that, but the ABAC B312/60P Belt Drive Air Compressor is comparatively quiet in operation and weighing in at just 64 kilos and featuring sturdy integrated wheels and handle, portability is no problem either.

Oh – and did we mention that this is the most powerful compressor you can but that runs off a domestic mains plug? If you need an air compressor that beats everything else on performance, power and price, then it’s got to be Abac’s B312/60P belt drive air compressor.

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