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Air compressor review: Bambi BB8 Budget Silent Air Compressor

Bambi Compressors - BB8To describe any of Bambi’s air compressor’s as ‘budget’ is selling them short. Certainly Bambi’s BB range of air compressors is inexpensive, but the performance, build quality and reliability are anything but ‘budget’. The Bambi BB8 is the smallest silent air compressor in the budget range, making it perfect for domestic users and hobbyists working in locations where space is at a premium. Weighing in at around the twenty kilo mark, portability is no problem either.

But for a compressor of such modest dimensions, Bambi’s BB8 budget silent air compressor delivers plenty of performance. A tidy 0.5 horsepower motor coupled with a nine-litre air receiver gives the Bambi BB8 a capacity of fifty litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 116 psi. A 10 micron filter ensures that the compressed air delivered is clean and contaminant-free and Bambi have made the BB8 silent air compressor as easy to use and maintain as possible.

What sets the BB8 apart from other budget air compressors though is its quiet operation – this is a silent compressor that really lives up to the description. For anyone who prefers a quiet workshop undisturbed by the noise of a conventional air compressor, the Bambi BB8 operates at a whisper-quiet 40 decibels; that’s about the same as the hum made by a fridge. As an inexpensive but high-quality silent air compressor for domestic and hobby use Bambi’s BB8 budget silent air compressor receives our highest recommendation.

For more information on the BAMBI BB8 please click here.

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