Compressor Safety

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes: accidents will happen. For that reason, it makes sense to leave nothing to chance when using your air compressor. Whether you have a small air compressor for domestic or hobby purposes or your work involves the use of a larger industrial compressor it’s vital to ensure that you have the right equipment to protect yourself from harm and to quickly deal with the consequences of an accident.

Air compressors can be loud in operation and if you’re going to use an air compressor in a relatively confined space for a significant amount of time it’s wise to protect your hearing by investing either in disposable ear plugs or a decent set of ear defenders.

Another potential hazard of compressed air use, particularly when spraying or cleaning surfaces is the likelihood of particle debris harming your eyes. Metal shavings or filings are particularly dangerous in this respect and can be launched into the air at around 70mph as the result of a blast of compressed air. Protective glasses or goggles are generally inexpensive and are comfortable to wear; why would you risk your eyesight for such a small investment? Occasional cuts, bumps, bruises and sprains are unavoidable in the workplace especially when using machinery such as air compressors, so it’s vital to have a first-aid kit to hand in order to deal with minor injuries efficiently and hygienically.

Finally, no workshop should be without an appropriate fire extinguisher to quickly and safely deal with any unexpected flames. Where electrical equipment is in use, a powder fire extinguisher is an indispensable safety item. It’s not worth taking chances where personal safety is concerned. Air Supplies has a comprehensive range of personal protection equipment and spill kits to deal with oil or other liquid spills, so there’s no excuse not to keep yourself safe when using your air compressor, air tools or other workshop equipment.

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