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Air compressor tips: Cleaning your computer with an air compressor

When in use, modern PCs generate a lot of internal heat. Most PCs feature a number of cooling fans’ you’ll find these on the graphics card, the computer’s processor (often coupled with a big metal ‘heat sink’  and on the power supply. There will also be cooling vents and possibly more fans in the computer’s case. The problem is that these fans not only draw air into your computer to cool it, they also draw in dust. And, ironically, the more dust that clogs up your PC, the hotter it’s going to run. Eventually it may overheat and simply shut down before any damage is done to its components (if PCs weren’t designed to shut down when they become too hot they’d simply melt inside or catch fire: bad news either way).

Computers are delicate, which means that you can’t simply open up your computer case and clean the bits and pieces inside with a feather duster. Using compressed air is the very best method for unclogging fans, heat sinks and air vents and for blasting away any layers of dust that have accumulated on your PC’s components. You can buy cans of compressed air for this purpose, but if your computer is in a particularly dusty environment regular cleaning using these will quickly become a very expensive option. It’s far better to invest in a small and inexpensive air compressor that you can use for this and many other useful tasks: not only will your air compressor soon pay for itself, but once you find out just how useful it can be you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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