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Unless you’re using a large pressurised ‘paint kettle’ with your air compressor for a large-scale pint spraying job, you’ll generally have a choice of two types of spray gun to attach to your compressor: a gravity spray gun, which has the paint container located on top of the gun, and a suction spray gun where the paint container is attached beneath. The difference between these two spray guns is the way in which a supply of paint is fed to the nozzle.

As the name suggests, gravity alone draws paint (or a finishing material such as cellulose) down into the spray gun, and pulling the trigger regulates the flow of compressed air that atomises the paint through the spray gun’s nozzle. A suction spray gun uses compressed air to create a vacuum which effectively siphons paint up from the paint container and into the spray gun. Because of this a suction spray gun requires slightly more compressed air than a gravity spray gun. The gun that is ‘better’ is largely a matter of personal preference.

Some users advocate the gravity spray gun because it uses every drop of paint in the container, tends to be lighter than a suction spray gun and is better suited to smaller spray jobs. Others prefer suction spray guns because they can be used at angles at which a gravity spray gun might struggle and many report that suction spray guns feel more intuitive and ‘natural’ in use. Whichever type of spray gun you prefer to use with your air compressor, you can be sure that any gravity spray gun or suction spray gun in Air Supplies’ range is of the very best quality and will produce perfect results time after time.