It’s no secret than an air compressor accessorised with a blow gun makes an excellent cleaning tool. Typically, hobbyists and industrial users alike will use their air compressor to safely clear working surfaces and objects of dust, wood shavings or other dirt particles. But  golf clubs and sports facilities around the world have found another cleaning task for which air compressors are the perfect solution: cleaning shoes!

As much as you may enjoy a round of golf or a game of football at the weekend, nobody looks forward to the prospect of cleaning muddy or grassy shoes and boots afterwards. However, finish your game, fire up an on-site air compressor and blasting away dirt, mud and grass from your sports shoes is easy (and fun!) and better still, you won’t have your other half moaning at you when you trail mud all over the carpet or leave filthy sports shoes in the sink.

Air Supplies has recently provided a customer with an air compressor for this very purpose, so if you run a golf club or other field sports venue and you’re looking to provide your members with a quick, cost-effective and efficient means of cleaning their boots and shoes after a game why not get in touch with Air Supplies and wave bye-bye to filthy footwear?