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GDPR update

We have updated our terms and conditions and privacy policy in line with GDPR. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.     ... Continue Reading

New range of oil free silent air compressors from BAMBI

The PT range of BAMBI air compressors offer oil free air with ultra low running noise of just 54 dB(A) and an improved duty cycle of 65%. See the full range here. Key Features of the Bambi PT Compressor Range: • Plug and Play Installation • Minimal Maintenance Required • Oil-Free Operation • Ultra low noise ... Continue Reading

½” Vs. 1” Pneumatic Impact Wrench Differences

Pneumatic Impact Wrench – Size Matters   Every DIY enthusiast, mechanic or tradesman, no matter their level of experience, reaches a point when they need something with a little more power – something a little more heavy duty. Pneumatic impact wrenches provide just such a boost. Providing superior torque and results, impact wrenches make tightening ... Continue Reading

What Your Employees Might Be Up To (Idle Hands Are Dangerous)

Idle hands and Compressed Air   When it comes dreaming up weird and wonderful ways of entertaining ourselves, humans have a great track record. When the mind wanders and we dedicate ourselves to something wholly silly, there is almost no limit to the insane and inspired ideas we can come up with. Compressed air, for ... Continue Reading

Pneumatic Tools vs Electric Tools in the DIY Workshop

When it comes down to workshop equipment, DIY and tools, everyone has their own opinion. Some will swear loyalty to a certain orbital sander, whilst someone else will insist the same piece of hardware is terrible. Others might argue that one nail gun is far superior to anything else on the market but, when put ... Continue Reading

Why You Need a Hose Reel Today

Life Without a Hose Reel   Much of the time, using a hose means wrestling with an unwieldy beast. Anyone who has used a hose knows that they have an uncanny knack for wrapping themselves around anything and everything, often cutting off the flow and leaving nothing but an ineffective puff when you really want ... Continue Reading

When Nail Gun Safety Goes Wrong

  Nail Gun Safety Every day, on construction sites and projects around the world, workers use nail guns. Their benefits – powerful nail discharge, extreme portability and the boosts in speed and productivity they deliver, mean that they have a big place in any construction job site. However, the other side of the power and ... Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Power Pressure and Flow

Air Supplies Handy Guide to Everything you Need to Know about Pressure and Flow   When looking for a power washer, it is often hard to find the right model, as there are so many different options out there.    With pressure cleaning becoming an increasingly popular way to clean driveways, house facades, cars and ... Continue Reading

Tyre Inflators You Don’t Want To Be Seen Using

The Safety of Homemade Tyre Inflators Today, upcycling and repurposing is becoming more and more chic. Taking old pieces of furniture, wood, or any other material you care to mention and turning it into something new and functional has made its way into the mainstream. Newspaper articles and television shows talk about ‘hacking’ furniture – ... Continue Reading

Why Traditional Compressed Air Outperform Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers – Factor or Fiction? Many people enter the task of painting – whether it is staining doors, painting them, applying a coat to skirting boards, or taking on an entire house – with enthusiasm and energy. However, and everyone one has been there, that enthusiasm quickly drains away when the scale of ... Continue Reading

Air compressor safety: Don’t forget your personal protection equipment

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes: accidents will happen. For that reason, it makes sense to leave nothing to chance when using your air compressor. Whether you have a small air compressor for domestic or hobby purposes or your work involves the use of a larger industrial compressor it’s vital to ensure that you ... Continue Reading