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Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 HVLP Spray System Review

Founded in 1977, Bambi has been at the forefront of innovative air compressor technology for thirty-five years, and the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) Spray System is testimony to the company’s commitment to providing high quality equipment that also represents excellent value for money. Conventional (or old-fashioned, if you prefer!) spray systems use high-pressure air to transfer paint or other finishing materials to a surface, with the result that much of the finishing agent is lost into the air as a result of overspray or simply ‘bouncing back’ from the surface being sprayed.

The Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 uses a powerful and efficient turbine system to deliver a high volume of air at low pressures which atomize finishing materials into a low velocity, soft spray virtually eliminating overspray and bounce back. Not only does this mean less mess when the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 is in use, but also greater cost-effectiveness since less finishing material is lost to the atmosphere. Aimed at the semi-professional and professional user, the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 Spray System can handle many different types of finishing agents and coatings giving a perfect finish on every project.

The superb aluminium spray gun that is provided as standard with the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 shuts off the air supply immediately the trigger is released, reducing dust lift whilst the high quality stainless steel needle and jet assembly is adjustable to allow a variety of different spray patterns allowing to cope even with the most detailed close-up work. In conclusion, the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 Spray System is cost-effective, reliable and easy to use. Compact but powerful, this system is as well suited for use in confined spaces (provided that they are adequately ventilated) as it is for use in larger workshops. With optional accessories extending its capabilities, the Bambi Apollo Pro-Spray 1500 HVLP Spray System is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an environmentally-friendly HVLP spray system that consistently provides a professional, perfect and mess-free finish.

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