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½” Vs. 1” Pneumatic Impact Wrench Differences

Pneumatic Impact Wrench – Size Matters   Every DIY enthusiast, mechanic or tradesman, no matter their level of experience, reaches a point when they need something with a little more power – something a little more heavy duty. Pneumatic impact wrenches provide just such a boost. Providing superior torque and results, impact wrenches make tightening ... Continue Reading

Pneumatic Tools vs Electric Tools in the DIY Workshop

When it comes down to workshop equipment, DIY and tools, everyone has their own opinion. Some will swear loyalty to a certain orbital sander, whilst someone else will insist the same piece of hardware is terrible. Others might argue that one nail gun is far superior to anything else on the market but, when put ... Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Power Pressure and Flow

Air Supplies Handy Guide to Everything you Need to Know about Pressure and Flow   When looking for a power washer, it is often hard to find the right model, as there are so many different options out there.    With pressure cleaning becoming an increasingly popular way to clean driveways, house facades, cars and ... Continue Reading

Why Traditional Compressed Air Outperform Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless Paint Sprayers – Factor or Fiction? Many people enter the task of painting – whether it is staining doors, painting them, applying a coat to skirting boards, or taking on an entire house – with enthusiasm and energy. However, and everyone one has been there, that enthusiasm quickly drains away when the scale of ... Continue Reading

Air compressor tools: Air guns

One of the most useful additions to an air compressor is the blow gun. Blow guns provide a controllable stream of compressed air which can be used for a wide variety of cleaning and drying purposes such as removing dust from otherwise inaccessible corners or recesses. JWL, a Danish air tool manufacturer established in 1963 ... Continue Reading

Which is better – a gravity spray gun or a suction spray gun?

Unless you’re using a large pressurised ‘paint kettle’ with your air compressor for a large-scale pint spraying job, you’ll generally have a choice of two types of spray gun to attach to your compressor: a gravity spray gun, which has the paint container located on top of the gun, and a suction spray gun where ... Continue Reading

A guide to Air Impact Wrenches and Torque

One of the most popular and useful air tools, particularly for automotive use in garages and vehicle repair shops, is the air impact wrench. When tightening or loosening wheel nuts and lug nuts, small but powerful air impact wrenches are usually capable of applying more torque than can be achieved by manual wrenches. Torque, however, ... Continue Reading

Hi-Line Tundra Refrigerant Air Dryers

Based in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, Hi-line Industries is the UK’s leading and fastest growing manufacturer and service provider of compressed air dryers and filters, whose new range of Tundra refrigeration air dryers provides maximum operational performance whilst remaining as economical as possible to run. The Tundra range comprises eighteen different models, including refrigerant air dryers from ... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Sport Shoe Cleaner

It’s no secret than an air compressor accessorised with a blow gun makes an excellent cleaning tool. Typically, hobbyists and industrial users alike will use their air compressor to safely clear working surfaces and objects of dust, wood shavings or other dirt particles. But  golf clubs and sports facilities around the world have found another ... Continue Reading

What’s so good about a rotary screw compressor?

Rotary screw compressors are the air compressors of choice for many different manufacturing sectors, including mining, automotive, brewing, steel and aerospace industries as well as for other uses which require high volumes of compressed air. So what is it about rotary screw compressors that make them preferable for larger-scale operations over conventional piston-driven air compressors? ... Continue Reading

You need an air compressor, but which one?

If you’re reading air compressor buying guides, you’ve probably already decided that you need an air compressor but need help in choosing the right model. If you can’t decide whether or not you need an air compressor, the main benefits lie in the wide range of air tools (also known as pneumatic tools) that you can ... Continue Reading