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Category Archives: Compressed Air Safety

Why You Need a Hose Reel Today

Life Without a Hose Reel   Much of the time, using a hose means wrestling with an unwieldy beast. Anyone who has used a hose knows that they have an uncanny knack for wrapping themselves around anything and everything, often cutting off the flow and leaving nothing but an ineffective puff when you really want ... Continue Reading

Tyre Inflators You Don’t Want To Be Seen Using

The Safety of Homemade Tyre Inflators Today, upcycling and repurposing is becoming more and more chic. Taking old pieces of furniture, wood, or any other material you care to mention and turning it into something new and functional has made its way into the mainstream. Newspaper articles and television shows talk about ‘hacking’ furniture – ... Continue Reading

Air compressor safety: Don’t forget your personal protection equipment

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes: accidents will happen. For that reason, it makes sense to leave nothing to chance when using your air compressor. Whether you have a small air compressor for domestic or hobby purposes or your work involves the use of a larger industrial compressor it’s vital to ensure that you ... Continue Reading

Air Supplies’ Top Ten Tips for Using Your Air Compressor Safely

Most modern air compressors are designed and manufactured to conform to strict European standards of quality and safety in operation and are no more dangerous than any other power tool found in a workshop or garage if used correctly. More often than not, air compressor accidents will arise as a result of the operator failing ... Continue Reading