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Category Archives: FAQ’s

Air compressor tips: Cleaning your computer with an air compressor

When in use, modern PCs generate a lot of internal heat. Most PCs feature a number of cooling fans’ you’ll find these on the graphics card, the computer’s processor (often coupled with a big metal ‘heat sink’  and on the power supply. There will also be cooling vents and possibly more fans in the computer’s ... Continue Reading

Which is better – a gravity spray gun or a suction spray gun?

Unless you’re using a large pressurised ‘paint kettle’ with your air compressor for a large-scale pint spraying job, you’ll generally have a choice of two types of spray gun to attach to your compressor: a gravity spray gun, which has the paint container located on top of the gun, and a suction spray gun where ... Continue Reading

How do rotary vane and rotary screw air compressors differ?

Although they might sound similar, rotary vane air compressors and rotary screw air compressors employ different methods to produce compressed air. Within the casing of a rotary vane compressor, a rotor, usually offset from the center of the casing has vanes or blades which extend outwards to form an airtight seal against the casing. As atmospheric air enters the ... Continue Reading

Why an air stapler is perfect for furniture restoration

Recycling or ‘upcycling’ old furniture is a popular pastime nowadays as financially challenging times bring out the ‘make do and mend’ mentality in people who would like to replace their existing furniture but can’t afford to buy new. In fact, improving the look of old furniture and making it desirable again is not only a decent hobby ... Continue Reading

Did you know? A few fun facts about compressed air

Did you know that thunder is actually the sound of compressed air ‘exploding’? When a lightning bolt strikes the earth a second bolt instantaneously travels back to the sky vai the same route. This secondary bolt immediately heats the air surrounding it to around 27,000oC. This heated air has no time to expand and becomes ... Continue Reading

How a Compressed Air Impact Wrench Works

Occasionally in a workshop environment, and particularly when working on motor vehicles, the home or professional mechanic will come across a standard hexagonal nut or lug nut that’s rusted or cross-threaded and simply cannot be loosened by the application of human brute force alone. This is where a particular air tool – the impact wrench, ... Continue Reading

What’s wrong with my oil-filled rotary screw compressor?

Oil-filled rotary screw compressors are among the most reliable air compressors available today and are designed for maximum efficiency over long operating periods. Whilst it’s true that no mechanical system can ever be guaranteed 100% failure-proof, the most common issues that can affect the performance of a rotary screw compressor arise due to a lack ... Continue Reading

How do Rotary Screw Compressors Work

Rotary screw compressors satisfy the compressed air or gas needs of larger industries; they’re widely used in the brewing industry for example. Why? Because rotary screw compressors offer a number of attractive benefits to industry: they’re ecologically-friendly, comparatively cost-effective to run, make little noise in operation and are easy to maintain. In fact, although rotary ... Continue Reading

Air Compressor Introduction and Assembly Instructions

An American video here, but still useful for us in the UK. Talks about a few things sometimes forgotten when setting up your air compressor. Includes vertical compressors and portable compressor instructions. ... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering: How Air Compressors Work

Nice little video on the theory behind how an air compressor work. Features well explained diagrams and videos. Always good to know how something works so you can diagnose any problems easier! ... Continue Reading

The biggest Compressed Air Glossary of Terms in the world!

Check out this extensive list of compressed air terms. There are a few American terms in there, but they are pretty easy to spot. If you do get to Z then you are interested in compressed air nearly as much as we are! http://www.impactrm.com/glossary.asp ... Continue Reading