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GDPR update

We have updated our terms and conditions and privacy policy in line with GDPR. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.     ... Continue Reading

Air compressor fittings: Who are Parker Legris?

Air Supplies stocks many high quality pneumatic fittings and accessories for air compressors manufactured by Parker Legris. For those unfamiliar with the name, Parker Legris – now a global provider of reliable products for air, water, oil, foodstuffs or chemical circuits including fittings, valves, tubes, piping, ball valves, couplers and blow-guns – began life as ... Continue Reading

5 new compressor videos and the ultimate guide to choosing an compressor!

It’s taken a while and a few retakes but we have finally produced some videos that I hope you will find useful. We have also written, what we think, is the ultimate guide to choosing an air compressor. The guide has taken a while as we have tired to include everything but at the same ... Continue Reading

Air compressor components: A simple guide to the pressure switch

The pressure switch is a fundamental component of your air compressor. It performs a very simple yet vital task. A conventional domestic or small industrial air compressor works by drawing in normal air at atmospheric pressure. This air is then compressed by one or more pistons driven by an electrical or petrol-driven motor and the resulting ... Continue Reading

Air compressor maintenance: The importance of draining your air receiver

Taking proper care of your air compressor will extend its life and ensure that it continues to work at optimum efficiency. One important little task is to drain your air receiver as often as possible. Normal atmospheric air drawn into your air compressor’s receiver contains water vapour. As this air is compressed the water vapour ... Continue Reading

Compressor Cake! 50th year celebrations come to an end.

Only a few more days left of our 50th year with the final icing on the cake from ABAC. Thank you very much for our fantastic cake! It must have taken a long time to make as the detail is amazing. Looks too good to eat…. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you ... Continue Reading