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What Your Employees Might Be Up To (Idle Hands Are Dangerous)

Idle hands and Compressed Air   When it comes dreaming up weird and wonderful ways of entertaining ourselves, humans have a great track record. When the mind wanders and we dedicate ourselves to something wholly silly, there is almost no limit to the insane and inspired ideas we can come up with. Compressed air, for ... Continue Reading

Our new video! Pneumatic Tools and Compressors Ltd.

Check it out. ... Continue Reading

Coming soon? OneCAT – The world’s first car to run on compressed air

Nope, it’s not a hoax; environmentally-friendly vehicles that run on little more than compressed air really do exist and may imminently enter mass production. The OneCAT concept (CAT stands for Compressed Air Technology, by the way) is the brainchild of ex-Formula One and aeronautical engineer Guy Negre, who created his first compressed air engine back ... Continue Reading

Powerful toys for grown up boys (and girls)

Were you one of those kids who had a plastic toolbox which looked just like your Dad’s and was filled with plastic saws, hammers, files and stuff? Did you love pretending to do DIY jobs? If you’re that way inclined, part of the joy of being grown-up is that nowadays you get to use some ... Continue Reading

The world’s most valuable (but illegal) air compressors?

What would be the best way of smuggling $2.2 million dollars’ worth of banknotes across the border from North America into Mexico? A Mexican drug cartel with operations in Dalton, Georgia thought that it would be a good idea to stuff the cash proceeds of its narcotics trading inside the air receivers of two twenty-gallon air ... Continue Reading

Call Of Duty – Tomahawk + Air Compressor

Air Compressors are not only essential in the real world but also in the gaming world. But don’t stand next to one when a tomahawk is being thrown at you. ... Continue Reading

Inflating tires safely using compressed air

Inflating tires safely using compressors ... Continue Reading

Compressed Air Inflation trick! (Not Real)

This is obviously not real. Quite amazing trick though, really look like he is inflating his stomach with compressed air! ... Continue Reading

High pressure vessel dangers! Explosion.

Great video from MythBusters about the dangers of high pressure vessels like those found in heating systems and air compressors. ... Continue Reading

How does a pneumatic drill works?

Here the answer!…. ... Continue Reading

Compressed Air Train Horn Pranks! The best bits.

Bit of fun! I would drop out of skin though. ... Continue Reading