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Competition: Win a Bambi BB8 Silent Air Compressor

It’s competition time here at Air Supplies and we’re giving you the chance to win an excellent Bambi BB8 Silent Air Compressor that’s ideal for model makers. All you have to do is show us your favourite model from your collection. Trains, Warhammer, Airfix, table top gaming, it doesn’t matter what the model is it just has to be one that you’ve painted, built or even designed and we want to see the one you’re most proud of.


Here’s What You Can Win RRP £390 + VAT

The Bambi BB8 is the ideal air compressor for the model maker as it’s compact, perfect for light use, has an exceptionally low noise level (around that of a domestic fridge), fully automatic and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Fitted with a 10 micron airline filter, adjustable pressure regulator and a high clarity receiver and outlet pressure regulator. The Bambi BB8 is the smallest silent air compressor in the budget range, making it perfect for domestic users and hobbyists working in locations where space is at a premium. Weighing in at around the twenty kilo mark, portability is no problem either. You can check out our full review of the BB8 here.

How to Enter

Entry for the competition is simple, we want to see a photograph of your favourite model. It doesn’t matter what the model is, just send us a photo and let us know why it’s your favourite one in your collection.

Take a look at the example picture below for the kind of thing we’re looking for:

Model Competition

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sisaphus/

Reckon you can beat the image above? Get your entry in!

Ways to Enter

As long as we get the picture somehow, it’ll be included as an entry!

How Will the Competition be Judged?

To keep the competition fair we’ll be picking a winner at random. Once all the entries are in, we’re going to print them off, put them in a hat and pull out a winner who will then be notified and once we have an address the Bambi BB8 will be shipped.

Terms and Conditions are: 1 entry per person, must be your own photography, and by submitting your photo you give us permission to use it on our blog in a summary post of the competition as part of a gallery. Closing date is 15th January 2014 and we’ll be announcing the winner on 31st January 2014 31st January 2014 and we’ll be announcing the winner on Monday 3rd February 2014.

For more information about the prize – check out the Bambi BB8 that’s available to buy on our site and if you have any questions please drop us a message through the contact form or email jonathan@airsupplies.co.uk.

19 Responses to “Competition: Win a Bambi BB8 Silent Air Compressor”

  1. Simon Miller says:

    Hi, this is a model I made back in 2004. A compressor, at the time, would have been very useful!


    I can send larger photos, if useful.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Here is a Privater Press Archangel I painted up last year:


    Alas, I am more a painter than photographer, so forgive the grainy feel of the image.

    Apart from being the largest model of all my collections, I love it for the imposing look to it with its wings out and its tail all but calling out that this land has been claimed as it whips around the stone formation beneath it.

    It also has the air of a beast actively seeking prey, not resting on its laurels and seeking a chance to further prove its dominance.

    I find it awesome in the most literal meaning of the word.

  3. Jon says:

    Does the model have to be painted?

    Also you are going to draw the winner nearly a whole month before the closing date, I think you mean 3rd of Feb not 3rd of Jan!

  4. Jonathan says:

    Hi Jon,

    Yeah I think ideally it needs to be painted, all entries have been so far.

    Unless of course you have made the model yourself from a mould or something rather than just a shop bought one?

    Thanks for spotting the error on the draw date, it’s been updated to 3rd of Feb.


  5. Mark Hofmann says:

    To date, this is still one of my favorite models. Hopefully you’ll all like it too!


  6. Chris says:

    Here is my favourite model that I’ve painted: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-coBScv7xN6k/UNA2qAOD_iI/AAAAAAAACCM/NBzB4jMtowk/s1600/Red+Steel+Hellbrute.jpg

    Blog post: http://weemen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-6th-degree-at-red-steel-daemon.html

    Its my favourite because its a great mini with loads of detail and presence, but more importantly, it marked a clear step-up in my painting and since then I have been trying to push myself more and more. Coincidentally, the next step I want to take is airbrushing…

  7. Ben Braim says:


    Here is the blog page for my GW Ork Nob bikers and warboss. I made them from a whole host of different kits virtually from scratch. The model I would like the enter is the warboss, he’s the first bike shown 🙂 Cheers

  8. Sean Briault says:

    Here’s my favorite model that I’ve painted up to date. It’s an oldie but a goodie in my mind, alas the pics don’t show it all that great (iphone camera….).
    (specifically the mortificator (assassin dude on the left in the last picture of the post).

  9. One of my favourite models that I’ve painted – an Imperial Guard Shadowsword
    Lots of fun with magnets and weathering powders.
    And here is the blog post itself:

  10. Stefan says:

    There’s my blog about military modelling and wargaming. To entry your raffle I would like to present a 1:56 (28mm) model of the famous WWII Horsa Glider which I painted with my old airbrush lately:

    There are some more pictures on the blog:

    I hope you enjoy them.


  11. Jim Graham says:

    My favorite (current) model has to be my Great Unclean One, made by Games Workshop. Aside from the fact that it’s actually quite fun to paint so many boils and pustules, I love how the jolly, grandfatherly characterization of this monster in the stories contrasts with the fact that he’s a bloated, disgusting plague demon.


    Thanks for running this contest! My next modeling project will be an Eldar army, and I was planning on trying to learn to airbrush for it.

  12. Mark Hofmann says:

    Lots of nice stuff on here. Keep it up, guys!

  13. […] The competition closes 31st Jan 2014 and they will be pulling a winner at random from all the entries. For more information see the Air Supplies UK website… […]

  14. Roger Batriu says:

    This is my first model. It’s far from perfect but I like it a lot. I was very proud when I finished it, and it looks much better than I expected thanks to advices received on Internet forums.


  15. hi Guys

    It’s a honor for me participate in this contest with my entry: “SHAS’EO RGE and the DRAKHORNE”.

    Complete photo gallery here:

    I wishes good luck everyone 🙂

  16. Alex says:


    this is one of my best models to the date


    I worked hard on the nmm and the subtle transitions. I hope you like it!!

  17. Jim Graham says:

    Man, some great looking stuff all around! Rex, did you airbrush the green on those tanks? Flames of War has been picking up in my area, and the possibility of getting such a good result relatively quickly on an armored group is pretty appealing.

  18. Rex Barrett says:

    Thanks Jim. Yes, Russian Green overall, then panel highlights by mixing in some white, then a brown oil filter over the whole thing to tie the colours together. Rest of the details by brush.


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