Life Without a Hose Reel

Much of the time, using a hose means wrestling with an unwieldy beast. Anyone who has used a hose knows that they have an uncanny knack for wrapping themselves around anything and everything, often cutting off the flow and leaving nothing but an ineffective puff when you really want a powerful jet.

As well as the annoyance and inconvenience of occurrences like this, poor storage and operation conditions can mean a short lifespan for your hose and frequent replacement.

A hose reel can help mitigate these problems and provide increased functionality, ease of use and keep a hose useable for much longer.

Wear and Tear

Let's face it,  hoses seem to have a very short lifespan. This is often because they are left exposed to the elements and on the ground, lying around a workshop, being rolled over by trolley jacks, or worse tripped over by you.

Then, when it comes time to use the hose, it cracks and breaks. This means leaks, weak power and a useless hose. It then needs replacing, without you ever really getting your money’s worth.

hose reels

A hose reel keeps the hose contained and protected from the elements, making it easy to store and keep in top condition.

This translates to your hose — no different in model or construction from one left outside — lasting for a long time and saving you money. In the time that others have bought three or four new hoses, yours will still operate like new!

  • A hose reel keeps the hose protected from the elements, ensuring it performs at its best for much longer

Still need Convincing? OK - Less Mess!

When a hose is new, it often comes bundled in a tight coil and wrapped in plastic. However, this sleek packaging soon gives way to a mass of unwieldy pipe the second you unwrap it. All that remains after that is a pile of uncoiled, in-the-way hose.  When it comes to a pile of knotted hose, there are not many places to keep it. That is why so many hoses ended up covered in cobwebs in the back of the shed or storage, until most people cannot even find them anyway. This is not an ideal solution. It prevents quick and easy use. If the hose lies coiled in a hose reel, it makes using it a breeze — simply pull out the length of hose needed and go to work. A hose left bundled on the floor means spending a lot of time sorting the thing out before you can even hook it up.

  • Much-improved ease of use and clears away unsightly piles of hose, putting it all in one compact, neat package
  • Once unpacked, most people leave hoses in a bundled pile in an out-of-the-way corner
  • Using a hose like this, especially in emergencies or in times when speed is of the essence, is virtually impossible
  • A hose reel allows for quick usage and keeps everything neat and tidy

Convenience -  hose reel mountable on a wide array of surfaces, you can have your hose anywhere you like.

If you just want a neat package that you can transport by hand around your yard or store, then a hose reel offers that solution — simply uncoil, hook up and get spraying!

If a situation requires wall mounting, then most hose reels come fully equipped for this, making it easy to mount your hose next to an air compressor.

Even if you want your hose mounted to the ceiling, then there is nothing to stop you. This is the ultimate convenience and usability that a hose reel offers, far beyond anything that a limp pile of knotted hose could muster.

  • A hose reel offers convenience and ease-of-use, which means a hose sees much more uses, preventing it from becoming a forgotten artefact at the back of the workshop
  • Hose reels are easy to transport as you need, putting every job within reach
  • Mountable anywhere, hose reels offer great convenience and usability