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Frequently asked questions about air compressors

What does "50% Duty Cycle" mean?

If a compressor is turned on and running at a pressure of 10 bar. Whilst the compressor is being used the pump may not have to be on until the pressure drops to say 8 Bar. Then the compressor pump will turn on and increase the pressure till 10 bar is reached. The time the compressor is on compare to the time the compressor is urned off is the "duty cycle". So if the compressor is on as much as it is off then the duty cycle is 50%. 

Bambi compressors are not designed to run higher than a 50% duty cycle. To prevent overheating, a thermal cut out will turn the compressor off and then turn it back on when the compressor has cooled down enough to run again. 


How do I choose the right size of compressor?

Always choose a compressor with a bit more than you need. The most important factor is the volume of air that you will be using and at what pressure FAD CFM. Please read our guide here or give us a call. Work out the CFM (FAD) figure your most powerful tool needs to operate and then choose a compressor will at least that rating. 


What is piston displacement?

The volume of air delivered out of the compressor measured per minute in litres per minute for a given pressure

Piston displacement / suction capacity or any other name is based on a recippotating piston compressor is a pure TTHEORTICAL FIGURE based on the bore, stoke and speed of the compressor. 

The fad is actually what comes out of the compressor after all the ineffiecncies are taken into account against a certain pressure. The higher the pressure the lower the free air delivered. 

Use this handy tool to convert Litres Per Min into Cubic Feet Per Minute:


Is compressed air safe?

There are safety features built into every compressor we sell. These include  pressure safety relief valves and thermal cut-outs. Only qualified technicians should be allowed to repair and service your compressor. Common sense prevails, including do not blow compressed air into your face.


What is oil carry over?

There will always be a certain amount of oil carry over from a compressor. When the compressor it is running hot or is being over worked, oil carry over is made worst. The hot oil fumes and then condenses in the hose and in the tools. The affect can be reduced by running the compressor as cool as possible, making sure there are no leaks and that the outlet pressure regulator on the compressor is set as low as possible. Ensure there there is plenty of ventilation. You can place a cooling fan near the unit it in hot weather. A coalescing filter can also be used to reduce oil and condensate 

Does the compressor come with outlet fittings?

On a Bambi compressors the outlet thread is a ¼ inch BSP Female. Please check out this comprehensive guide to compressor outlet fittings


Is maintenance required?

The operator would be expected to check the oil level and drain the water from the tank periodically. Various services schedules apply depending on the model of compressor and its usage. 

A few things to remember:

• Do not run single phase off long extensions cables.
• A static 3hp compressor should be wired in with a 20 amp supply and type D breakers.
• No need to drain every day, just crack the drain value daily and blow any condensate out of the drain.
• Keep dust off the compressor.
• Where applicable remove air intake filter and clean element.
• Check oil level weekly.
• Always switch the compressor off at night. As any pressure drop in the system will stop and start it. 

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