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Senco Fusion Cordless Air Tools

Senco nailers with Fusion technology use compressed air that is permanently sealed in the tool's self-contained, built-in cylinder to unleash a shot of pure, portable pneumatic power every time you pull the trigger.

• As fast and quiet as a pneumatic
• Around 60% faster than typical gas nailers
• No gas cells to buy
• No compressor, hose or fittings to purchase
• Save around £250 a year on fuel cells (depending on usage)
• Save around £100 a year on servicing and cleaning
• Recharge in only 15 minutes
• 2 year tool warranty
• 1 year battery warranty

When fully charged the 18v Li-lon battery can deliver in excess of 500 drives. 'Quick charge' sysyem reaches 80% capacity in just 15 minutes. Can even be charged while hot.

The compressed air unit should never need replacing, unless tool is faulty or damaged in some way, saving you hundreds on the alternative cordless tools by buying fuel cells.

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  1. Senco 18 Gauge Straight Brad Nailer
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