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Compressor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.


Compressor Maintenance Guide

A few useful things to remember after you have purchased your air compressor.


Air Compressor Buying Guide

A very useful and quick air compressor guide. 


The 5 Advantages of Using Compressed Air

A quick top 5 list of the advantages of using compressed air, over electricity.


Top 5 Tools and Accessories For Your Compressor

The top 5 tools every compressor should power.


Inflating Car Tyres Guide

A guide to how and why inflating your tyres is important. Included Barack Obarma views on the subject too.


Noisey Air Compressors Explained

Why does your compressor wake the neighbours?


The Best Air Compressor Brands/Manufacturers

Bad brands exposed. Cheap chinese air compressors, and why they are generally poor value for money. 


ABAC Air Compressors Review

Full range explained from the world's largest air compressor manufacturer.


Michelin Air Compressors - Overview

A comprehensive overview of Michelin Air Compressors.


Using Your Air Compressor To Remove Dust From Your Computer

A guide to using your air compressor to blow compressed air into house hold items that could do without the dust. 


CFM Explained

A quick and easy to follow explaination of CFM (displacement) and CFM (FAD). 


Compressed Air Conversion Formulas

Very useful crib sheet of formulas and conversions.


BAMBI Air Compressors - Overview

Details on the BAMBI silent air compressor ranges. 

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