Nitrogen Generator & Built-in Inflator

PCL's N2 Generator and Inflator - combining the latest in high performance nitrogen generation with leading inflation technology.

Nitrogen Generator & Built-in Inflator PCL introduces a range of products designed for the inflation of tyres with nitrogen. This makes available for the first time cost effective N2 delivery with market leading tyre inflation technology. To the tyre service company, the biggest benefit is that the cost effective PCL unit provides an excellent revenue opportunity while removing the need to buy, store and handle bottles. The chief benefits for the tyre customer are that - due to nitrogen’s properties compared to air - it can offer enhanced handling, improved fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, and most importantly, increased safety, which is why it is used in Formula One. PCL Nitrogen Mobile Cart

PCL is introducing two units to its range the PCL N2 Generator and the PCL N2 Inflator. The PCL N2 Generator brings the latest in PSA nitrogen generation to a robust, cost effective and mobile design capable of delivering high levels of nitrogen to which can be added PCL's leading tyre inflation products. The PCL N2 Inflator takes all the advantages of the PCL N2 Generator and adds to this the latest in PCL's market leading inflation technology developed to deliver N2 inflation cost effectively. Nitrogen Inflators

The PCL N2 Inflator incorporates the ability to preset the tyre pressure allowing the operator to automatically inflate a car tyre to the level required. It is so reliable and accurate that it enables the operator to securely continue with alternative work whilst the unit is inflating up to 4 tyres with N2 saving time and money. Using proprietary software with bespoke purging and flat tyre detection the inflator can also cost effectively convert a car from air to nitrogen to give consistent provision of the 95% plus purity in the tyre required to deliver the maximum nitrogen benefits based on 97- 98% plus purity delivery.

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Key Product Benefits

  • Revenue generation for Tyre Service Providers
  • Both N2 fill and Air to N2 conversion service for up to 4 tyres
  • Cost effective to use
  • Simple to set up
  • Low life time costs - with high grade filtration and high performance components
  • Guaranteed accuracy and robustness with ceramic pressure sensor

Key Product Features

  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Mobile to allow efficient and flexible positioning and usage
  • N2 purity check point
  • Can be fitted to meet EC standards
  • Easy to operate and quick installation
  • Strong support
  • Tank contents gauge
  • Electronic preset tyre inflation
  • Auto-start inflation
  • Digital display
  • Up to 4 tyres at once
  • Automatic flat tyre detection
  • 1 purge inflation cycle from flat
  • 2 purge inflation cycle, as standard
  • Software programme for conversions of up to 4 tyres from air to nitrogen
  • Bespoke software for optimal nitrogen inflation with purge cycle
  • Ceramic sensor - accuracy up to ± 0.5% of full scale reading


  • Accuracy: To +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
  • Reading Accuracy: 0.1bar / 1psi / 5kPa
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 10bar / 145psi / 999kPa
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 5.5bar
  • N2 flow: 60l/min @ 8bar supply


  • Exceeds EC Directive 86/217

Product Options

Part No.DescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
N2IA01/2/UK Nitrogen Inflator
with EC approved tank
1 x 7.6m Single clip-on 0-145lbf/in²
N2IA02/2/UK Nitrogen Inflator
with EC approved tank
4 x 7.6m Single clip-on 0-145lbf/in²
N2IC01/2/UK Nitrogen Inflator
with EC approved tank
1 x 7.6m Single clip-on 0-10bar
N2IC02/2/UK Nitrogen Inflator
with EC approved tank
4 x 7.6m Single clip-on 0-10bar