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PCL Tyre Inflators & Fittings

The highest quality, most reliable and cost effective equipment for fast and accurate tyre inflation. From handheld analogue units, to the latest high-tech electronic range – PCL's innovative, market-leading inflators provide the best and most select range of functionality for all types of tyre inflation applications throughout the world.

MK3 Tyre Inflators

The highly regarded, classic MK3 Tyre Inflator has become industry standard in UK garages, petrol forecourts, tyre shops and depots, and is popular amongst operators and tyre fitters for its reliability and accuracy.

Truck Tyre Inflator

Building on the world-leading MK3, the ALG4 is a high pressure tyre inflator designed especially for truck tyre inflation. The ALG4 can inflate up to 174psi (12bar) and is reliable and versatile with its aluminium die cast body and linear gauge.

High Pressure Tyre Inflators

Designed for high pressure applications, these robust yet lightweight units are available with dual scale calibration of 45 - 300 psi and 3 - 21 bar, and offer guaranteed accuracy.

Digital Tyre Inflators

Robust yet sophisticated tyre inflators combining leading electronics and sensor technology with patented software algorithms for trouble-free inflation and deflation.

Analogue Tyre Inflators

Fast and simple to use with guaranteed accuracy, this mechanical unit offers longer life, lower operating costs and excellent shock resistance – all within a modern functional design featuring a clear analogue display.

Alloy Tyre Inflators

General purpose alloy tyre inflators, ideal for general low volume tyre inflation.


PCL offers a comprehensive range of footpumps, engineered to the highest quality standards, for all types of cars, tyres, trailers, cycles and even footballs.

QUBE Tyre Inflator

PCL has cost-effective and accurate tyre inflation boxed off with this space-saving, entry-level unit.

PCL proves that being square can be stylish with its simplest electronic tyre inflator to date, the user-friendly ACCURA QUBE. This tiny 150mmx150mm unit packs a petite but powerful punch, offering fast and accurate tyre inflation within a simple, safe, state-of-the-art design.