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Using your air compressor to clean and remove dust from your computer


So you’ve turned it off, then on again. Said a little prayer that goes something like “Please work, come on please work” and still the damn thing still won’t work. If this is the case, then give this a go.....

What you will need:

An air compressor
An air blow gun

Yes this is such an exaggerated version of “give it a blow”. But surprisingly when it comes to electronic or mechanical goods, this process can and does work. It certainly has done for me many times in the past.

Dust can casue problems inside electrical items, so being able to remove that dust is very useful. However running your finger across a circuit board isn't wise as you may remove the dust but you will leave dirt and grease behind. Blowing the dust off is a better solution, and if your lungs have had enough then using compressed air will be easier and more powerful.

You can use a little compressed air can, for small blasts. However if you want more than this, then this is expensive solution. After all you are paying for air! If you have a compressor, then get a blow gun for it, this one is excellent. Perfect for getting into those hard to reach places.

Obviously if the item is electric then uplug everything first.

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