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PCL Tyre Inflators & Fittings

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Now recognised as the global market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio available, PCL remains true to its ethos of quality products and exceptional service.

Add to that a loyal and highly skilled workforce and you have a company which delivers reliable inflation and pneumatic solutions you can count on, at prices you can afford. Founded in 1938, when the first pressure gauges were designed and manufactured in Sheffield, PCL's focus remains on exceeding customer needs. PCL stay ahead of the game with an ever-expanding core product range, ensuring that ancillary products are continually developed to complement this.

PCL Tyre Inflators & Fittings

The highest quality, most reliable and cost effective equipment for fast and accurate tyre inflation. From handheld analogue units, to the latest high-tech electronic range – PCL's innovative, market-leading inflators provide the best and most select range of functionality for all types of tyre inflation applications throughout the world.
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PCL Tyre Valve Connectors

There are two types of connector. It is therefore important when purchasing connectors to specify whether a closed or open end type is required.

A Closed End connector is used when air is supplied directly from a main air line (i.e. compressor or air receiver). A non-return valve unseats on connection to the tyre’s valve, allowing air to flow into the tyre. The handles on these connectors are red in colour.

An Open End connector is used with MK3 Tyre Inflator, PCL wall gauges and PCL portable gauges. This connector has a pin which unseats the tyre’s valve when in use. The handles on these connectors are black in colour.
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PCL Couplings & Adaptors

PCL has been designing and manufacturing couplings & adaptors for over 60 years. Within this section you will find the largest selection available, from the standard Airflow and Vertex ranges, to the common industry interchanges and safety couplings.
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PCL Hose Fittings

To complement PCL's vast range of tyre inflation equipment and compressed air products, a wide variety of hose fittings are available for connecting your equipment to an existing air line or hose. A range of BSP fittings including male and female adaptors are also available.
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PCL Air Tools

An extensive range of air tools includes everything from impact wrenches and ratchets, to sanders and grinding tools - all designed to meet the rigorous needs of a modern workshop. Now includes a range of high quality products, providing low vibration, low noise, ergonomic grip and higher performance.
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PCL Tyre Care Tools

PCL manufacture a range of tyre care products including the traditional VOSA approved tyre tread depth gauges. To complete the range PCL offer a selection of "glove box" essentials which include the latest offerings in electronic tyre pressure gauges.
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PCL Tyre Pressure Gauges

PCL designs and manufactures the largest range of tyre pressure gauges in the world. Over 60 years of design innovation has created the most extensive, quality range available on the market. PCL's mirror chrome plated gauges are easy to read and accurate, and are a familiar sight in workshops, garages, aircraft hangars, and service bays.
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