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Michelin Portable Direct Drive Air Compressors Overview

The range of Michelin portable direct drive air compressors are quality made units from a trusted name.

French company Michelin has been in the pneumatic tyre industry for 125 years now, and has become one of the world’s most innovative, respected and trusted manufacturers thanks to the quality and reliability of their products. Besides producing tyres for every kind of domestic vehicle, Michelin has been supplying high performance tyres to the motorsport industry, including Formula One, for more than forty years and has even supplied tyres to NASA for use in the Space Shuttle programme. In short, what Michelin doesn’t know about the world of pneumatics and air compression isn’t worth knowing.

So it was a logical step for Michelin to move into producing a range of high-quality portable air compressors for the domestic and light industrial markets. The result is Michelin’s MCX range of belt-driven air compressors. Capable of air displacement ranging from 250 litres per minute to 650 litres per minute depending upon the model, every MCX air compressor features the innovation, performance and reliability for which Michelin is famous. Lower capacity models feature a patented ‘controlled cooling system’ which not only helps to extend the life of the air compressor, but also reduces oil consumption.

Every model features low noise operation and a highly durable full cast-iron air receiver. In fact, whichever model of Michelin MCX air compressor you choose, you’ll find that Michelin has incorporated a host of useful features into the design in order to enhance the compressor’s performance, reliability and ease-of-use.
If you’re looking for a belt-driven air compressor that can supply the power and performance you need, from a manufacturer you know you can rely upon there’s no need to look any further than Michelin’s MCX range of air compressors.

Large pneumatic wheels and handle makes these compressors very portable and easy to move around. 

There are 2 compressors in the range we offer. 

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