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Accura Tyre Inflators 

ACCURA 1 breaks the mould for handheld units, merging ease of use and readability with rapid, safe and cost-effective tyre inflation. This robust yet sophisticated unit combines leading electronics and sensor technology with patented software algorithms for trouble-free inflation and deflation.


Its biomorphic handle and direct valve mechanism enable the operator to deliver excellent rates of inflation in comfort, which in turn provides customers with extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety.

Suitable for tyreshops, garages, car dealers and transport depots, ACCURA 1 is widely accepted as the best product available for measuring and checking digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).



Key Product Benefits

  • Reduced usage times - driven by the simplicity of use and clear display
  • Reduced operating costs - fast inflation and deflation rates
  • Increased customer service - high levels of speed, accuracy and safety
  • Reduced cost of ownership - long product life
  • High versatility - flexible usage
  • Guaranteed accuracy - individual testing

For the Tyre User/Fleet Manager

  • Reduced tyre wear extending tyre life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tyre-related incidents

Key Product Features

  • Robust electronic design
  • Ceramic sensor
  • Clear and easy to read digital display
  • Modern, lightweight and shock resistant construction
  • Proprietary software increasing accuracy, fine metering and eliminating the chance of false readings
  • Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation rates
  • Individually tested and certified
  • Built in swivel and hanging device
  • Over-pressure warning if pressure exceeds 12bar / 174psi / 1200kPa
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery warning light
  • Bar, psi and kPa versions and range of accessories


Accuracy: Exceeds EC Directive 86/217
Reading Accuracy: 0.01bar / 0.2psi / 1kPa
Max Inlet Pressure: 15bar / 218psi / 1500kPa
Inflation flow: 910l/min @ 13bar supply
Compliance: EC Directive 86/217 and BS EN 12645:1999


German: PTB 18.08/06.04